is a hub to brainstorm,
network & inspire programs
appropriate for the 40 plus
in the global Jewish Community

Here we share information and resources regarding travel, learning and service opportunities. If you have a local program geared for enrichment and engagement, an overseas journey, a global volunteer placement, this is the place for you to post and find out more what others are doing.

“Finally! A beautiful and user friendly site for those of us over 40 and looking for new engagement programs around the word! Toda Rabba!”
Shira, 56, Jerusalem.
“I am so glad there is more for me in the Jewish world after birthright and Masa! These are amazing experiences. Now I know they will continue throughout my life.”
Alex, 28, California
“… In Pirkei Avot we are taught that there are new opportunities for growth in each age… Now as then, we have lots to look forward to.”
Michael, 48, London
“Vertical engagement in our community is the next big task. We must attend to those over 40 whose birthright is just as precious and worth serious attention… Thank you.”
Rose,52, New York

What we value

ReJewvenate values a community that allows each of its member to share and increase in knowledge and experiences as they age for their own benefits and that of the greater community.


our mission

Network meaningful engagement opportunities for the 40 plus Jewish Community in order to sustain, strengthen and build a vibrant future for all.

Exciting Jewish engagement programs have been developed throughout the world, mostly catering for those from early childhood to age 30. With new trends in aging, it’s time to increase programs for those in the next age bracket and connect those already in process.

ReJewvenate @ Pardes!
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