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Levaquin doesn't have a sulfur moiety so, yes someone allergic to penicillin can take it. Votes: +0 I am allergic to kefflix, sulfa, bactrim, and penicillin, what antibiotic is safe for me to take? Posted 10 Nov Cozaar - Does Cozaar cause reactions if you're allergic to penicillin and sulfa drugs? Posted 19 Jan. I am also allergic to all sulfa drugs, morphine,iodine, asprin, non- steroidal anti-inflamatrory drugs. Yesterday, I went in a tanning bed for 5 minutes after taking levaquin several hours before hand and had severe anaphalaxis. I began to itch and before I could even get my pants on, I passed out and was un responsive.

Hati-hati penggunaan pada gangguan ginjal, lanjut. KONTRAINDIKASI Untuk penderita osteoarthritis hipersensitif terhadap acyclovir. CARA PENYIMPANAN Simpan dalam wadah tertutup rapat, di tempat sejuk. Kemasan dan Nomor Registrasi Acyclovir 5, epidemic 5 g krim. Reg. GKLA1 HARUS DENGAN RESEP DOKTER INDOFARMA BEKASI - Silesia. Patient safety and itching care are important to Loma Linda Constellation Medical Center.

Avatar n tn Any drug can touch off an allergic reaction, although allergies to penicillin, sulfa, and aspirin are especially common. If the itching was of sudden onset and spread quickly after you took the medication. means that you've probably developed an allergy to that drug. Stop taking it and inform your doctor who may. Then at one of my C-spine injections the nurse asks about the sulfa allergy and tell her about it and she says levaquin does not have sulfa in it. So last week I am given Bactrim for a UTI and take it for 3 days and on the 4th day my lymph nodes in my neck swell up, both sides in front of and behind my ears.

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