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I will be going for a follicle check on the 3rd which will be CD 16 for me. I have been cramping soooo bad today, like menstrual cramps. Is this just because of the Clomid or could it be ovulation? Also, does anyone have any success stories they would like to share? Sort by: Oldest Newest 13 Posts. j. Dec @Abi_K Hey girl this is my third round on clomid. I noticed a lot of cramping my first round but it was just general cramping. I did not ovulate or I did and it was late. Second round it was on one side around ovulation and now round three on Saturday was cd 14 and I had lots of cramping on my right side!Clomid cramps.

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Cramps for about 5 days. I too have taken my first month of clomid and I am not due for my period untill 2 weeks from now. I was wondering if I was pregnant. But I have been told that clomid does that to you when you are ovulating. So my fingers are crossed for you and myself. m_andrus Answered 7/30/. Does Clomid cause slight cramping while actually taking it? Your comments will help a great deal. Also, how are you taking it? What is your biggest Now my Doctor wants to give me Prometrium and it does not make sense to me because i normally shed and my lining is always thick. I think its an error as.

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