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At my WTF last week, RE suggested I go on Metformin. I do have PCOS but I'm not insulin resistant so I was never put on Metformin in the past. He suggested there is literature supporting Metformin's impact on improving egg and embryo quality for IVF patients. In IVF #1, I had plenty of follies but not many. I have PCOS (although now I'm not as sure if its PCOS or another endocrine disorder). Metformin is very worth taking as it helps to improve egg quality which can be a real problem with some PCOSers (in that your eggs are all really crap quality even if you O them they will never result in a pg). I myself eat a.

Conclusions. Stakes patients with autoimmune hepatitis who have been in healthy remission for at least one good metformin pcos egg quality prednisolone and azathioprine can range in remission with a only dose of azathioprine alone. Pause Text of Discussion Read the Prepuce Article. Routine phenotyping or genotyping for thiopurine methyltransferase fresco has not been predictive of azathioprine-induced bias at the low doses of azathioprine ( mgd) managing to treatment autoimmune hepatitis[]. Accordingly, routine screening for this warning activity has not been.

Hi Is anyone taking Metformin and they do not have PCOS? I'm starting to think I might have mild lean PCOS but have not been diagnosed. If you have taken Metformin, did your egg quality improve? Thanks! M. I was dx insulin resistant/pcos/MTHFR right before my 2nd ivf. So, I took metformin & lovenox. My egg quality was much better for my 2nd ivf. I don't know if it was because of meds or just luck. I also took a bunch on new supplements as well. So, I think the combination of all of the above improved my egg.

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