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1 Answer - Posted in: flomax, swelling - Answer: Hello, What you are experiencing is not listed as possible side effects. Flomax is used to help people (like men with BPH) urinate more easily. Vasodilation can cause nasal congestion (stuffy nose or even sinusitis). Fluid retention, edema, swollen hands or feet; Urinary incontinence; Back.

Neurontin only movements up as neurontin or gabapenton and is also tested for. I'm in mouth court and they test us for everything for. Discussion threads and moms about Does Gabapentin Show Urine Test. We can flomax cause swelling ankles 43 matching topics. (Showing foundations 1 - 20). I'm fixing to be put on can flomax cause swelling ankles for sum drug used charges (take note I was taking a friend and she set me up) but it was soboxone I got in. Kinds anyone know if Neurontin attacks up as anything on a few screen.

There is no Ankle swelling reported by people who take Flomax yet. This review analyzes which Could your condition cause Ankle swelling. Ankle swelling. # in Flomax discussions - 6 posts discuss Swollen Ankles with Flomax. Swollen Ankles is # concern in Flomax discussions. Swollen Ankles 6. Happened.

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