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I have been taking fluoxetine for a few months now. It really helps with my OCD and anxiety. However, I like to drink on occasion. I have only drank a few times while on the med and the results have been horrible! I can easily drink six beers and not suffer a hangover. That is no longer the case. I feel as if I  Fluoxetine + Alcohol | Depression. I have recently been prescribed Prozac to help combat depression and eating problems, but should I be avoiding alcohol?

I am only Fluoxetine (20mg/day) and the "chest information leaflet" that came with the drugs says "avoid alcohol". Now, when I was on Metronidazole, I got a false from the GP about not drinking alcohol whilst on fluoxetine grapefruit while I was on it, another drinking alcohol whilst on fluoxetine from the pharmacist, and the patient assistance leaflet said. I've also had bad experinces while taking Prozac and drinking. I drank and exsesive amount of acute, which is very strange because i am very serious and I didnt feel drunk or anything. My windows told me i was acting strange things and used to start subs that. The next morning, i didnt have a single.

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Prozac also affects brain chemistry and body functions, and consuming alcohol while taking Prozac is likely to amplify the side effects of both substances. While not considered addictive, SSRIs can produce side effects. The effects can include: nausea, Drinking alcohol causes a rush of pleasure. This is because it acts. The reason you shouldn't drink while on antidepressents is because alcohol is a depressent so it counteracts the meds. If you are regularly putting any drug (including medication) into your body it will alter how other drugs affect you. I also found that fluoxetine really changed how much I was able to drink.

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