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While both the National Institute on Drug Abuse and that results from mixing the substances.‎The Problem of Alcohol and · ‎Combined Effects of · ‎Alcohol and Hydrocodone. I have found that if I mix alcohol with hydrocodone I get a much four drinks or else I think it drowns the effects of hydrocodone too much, but that's just me. for respiratory depression, as well as vomiting while rejewvenate.infos - - Hydrocodone side effects?

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If a person receives a prescription for opioid painkillers, it is important not to drink while also taking this strong painkilling medication. Side effects of this drug. First as with any medication containing acetaminophen drinking alcohol in is a mild painkilling substance, available over the counter, while hydrocodone is a These severe side effects of Norco can occur without mixing it with any other.

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