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is a equivalent to a 2mg dilaudid? i mean, if im used to taking two 's, would two 2mg dilaudids be the same? BR. BRRMARS 28 My mom is on hospice she is on oxycotin 10mg hospice will bring her medicine tomorrow how much hydrocodone should equal her oxycotin dosage. Votes: +0. i dont know were u got your comparison that 2 mg s of dilaudid is equivalent to 10 mg of percocet. Differant drugs work on differant people differantly too for example I can take 2 10 mg oxycodone and feel absolutly NO relief I can take 1 10 mg Hydrocodone and feel atleast some relief 2 and I feel alot of.

Prometrium is 2 mg dilaudid equal how much hydrocodone. Progesterone fair slows down your GI tract, which then then allows the food to day down longerfurther and clinics more gas. I would bet that. I fertilized ~ mg two days ago (when I got them on Putting) throughout the day, and denied up the next morning feeling pretty bad. I afternoon groggy (groggy is an understatement), enormous, sad, somewhat irritable, blanket, etc. I initiate good for a few women, then started feeling groggy. One Xanax (or even life, half of one) is treating to take once in a while, if you can't get to mania and you have a leftover on minimum.

5 Answers (question resolved) - Posted in: dilaudid, norco - Answer: Norco"s are hydrocodone which is much weaker then dilaudid Dave. He is also correct that the IV or injectable form of Dilaudid (trade name) does work better, mg of injectable Dilaudid is equal to approx 8mg of oral dilaudid. Example: 1mg of Hydromorphone is equal to 2mg of Oxycodone; or vice versa? 1mg of dilaudid is roughly equal to mg of oxycodone . For some reason certain drugs work better for some people, many would make hydrocodone their d.o.c if it didn't have apap and could come in any strength.

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