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The Accutane is what you're taking to treat your acne so let it do its job. To me, trying to stave off the initial break-out is like trying to stop a flood with a paper towel. My derm had warned me about this initial break out, stating that "these next few weeks will be very difficult your skin will win the battle, but you  Bad Initial Breakout On Accutane. No, not everyone experiences as initial breakout; however, the majority of people who take Accutane have more severe acne, so yes, this does happen as the pores are changing. There's not a lot that can be done to avoid it, though some topicals do help. Consult your dermatologist about using topicals at the beginning of.

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During the first month of my initial Accutane treatment the cysts were the worse than I had ever experienced and were very painful. . p.s. powerhouse, one more thing, when you started accutane for a 3rd time, how bad was your acne? you said small little pimples around your mouth area, but how bad were. So far the side effects have been manageable (dry lips and some back pain) but I don't know what to do about the initial breakout. I've gotten a moderately severe breakout around my mouth, mostly whiteheads. Is there anything I can do about this? I heard it is a bad idea to pop pimples while on Accutane.

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