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Vicoden only comes in 5 and 10 mg strengths of hydrocodone.. The you are talking about is the acetaminophen(aspirin) content. You can pretty much safely go up to about 4, mg of acetaminophen in a day without causing serious damage, but don't make it a habit. No need to do a CWE on one  Mixing Vidodin with alcohol. 4 Answers - Posted in: norco, vicodin, acetaminophen - Answer: Hi Jill, As far as my experience goes, the strongest I know is 10/ Acetaminophen/Hydrocodone - trying to find out how long vicodin mg stay in a persons system? Posted 20 Jun • 1 answer.

Drowsiness, which can slow your. Speak up. Ask QuesƟon. Obverse the facts. Evaluate your kidneys. Read the label.

Vicoden is a catch all name for hydrocodone with acetominophen (tylenol). There are many strengths ranging from to 10mg for the hydrocodone and mg to mg for the acetominophen. The strengths are written with the first number being the hydrocodone and the second number being the. It takes about 90 mg of hydrocodone to overdose, which is the equivalent of 18 Vicodin tablets. But more than mg of the acetaminophen found in Vicodin begins to damage the liver. Is there anything that you can do to prevent an unintentional Vicodin overdose? In this article, we'll explore how much.

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