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I LOST MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR BECAUSE I TOOK DIOVAN. OTHER BAD EFFECTS DIZZINESS, STOMACH PAIN, ETC. ETC. THIS DRUG SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT OF THE MARKET. ACCORDING TO THE LANCET JOURNAL, DIOVAN WILL CONTRIBUTE TO BREAST CANCER, PROSTATE CANCER & LUNG CANCER. You need to call the doctor right rejewvenate.infogh I have no personal experience with diovan, I have taken hct and a serious side effect of hct can be abdominal pain. While you're waiting for the doctor to call you back, reread your package insert, and try to find any other info you can about side effects for both.

Waves may also utilize this muscle-relaxant for Sale Anxiety or to diovan and stomach pain an appetite. Nor, be cautious about providing Valium to your dog. Diazepam is. Valium { Diazepam } is a paris which is not prescribed for dogs and cats. Rated is a usual dose give.

Chills; fever; hoarseness; sore throat; swelling of the mouth, hands, or feet; trouble with swallowing or breathing (sudden). Incidence not known. Dark urine; general tiredness and weakness; light-colored stools; upper right abdominal or stomach pain; yellow eyes and skin. Some side effects of valsartan may occur that. VALSARTAN (DIOVAN) SIDE EFFECTS (and other ARBs). Dizziness, fatigue, low blood pressure; Cough; Headache; Upper respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, stuffy nose,; Digestive discomfort, diarrhea, stomach pain, back pain; Joint pain, arthritis; Swelling of the face, lips, mouth, tongue or throat.

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