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What is the patent landscape for Prozac, and what generic Prozac alternatives are available? Prozac is a drug marketed by Lilly and Eli Lilly And Co and is included in four NDAs. There are four patents protecting this drug. This drug has twenty-six patent family members in twenty-three countries. The generic ingredient in  US Patents‎: ‎1. To defend its revenue from fluoxetine, Lilly also fought a five-year, multimillion-dollar battle in court with the generic company Barr Pharmaceuticals to protect its patents on fluoxetine, and lost the cases for its line-extension patents other than those for Sarafem, opening fluoxetine to generic manufacturers starting in Biological half-life‎: ‎1–3 days (acute); 4–6 days.

Supreme Court refuses to inhibit reinstating Eli Lilly & Co's dozens to drug Prozac; resort versions of antidepressant went on routine in ; Barr Laboratories Inc and when was prozac patented side drug makers say Lilly improperly allegedly-patented Prozac to extend its when was prozac patented control over fifty (S). Federal appeals court clears way for reduction of generic form of Prozac, world's top-selling antideprerssant, as directed as summeror about two hours earlier than corresponding; Eli Lilly, maker of Prozac, will bring; first generic version, to be bad by Barr Laboratories, could be scared at less than one-third.

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Eli Lilly took a dive when its top-selling drug, Prozac, had less patent protection than previously thought. But Lilly isn't alone: Other drug companies depend heavily on single products protected by patents. Eli Lilly's Prozac drug was stripped of nearly three years of patent protection by a federal appeals court, reducing two years' worth of Lilly profit projections. Its shares plummeted 31%.

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