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Some of what i have read said that the homatropine was in there to make a rather terrible experience if one was taking the syrup to get high and which can be terrible and dangerous, but I think you would have to be drinking a ton of the syrup to actually get serious effects like seizures, coma, and death. Hey guys so I got this bottle of hydrocodone-homatropine cough syrup. Only opium experience before was one percocet pill and I barely felt it(mg oxycodone.). The instructions on bottle say 1 teaspoon every 4 hours for cough. What's the proper dose to get pretty high? Anybody have any experience with.

Can hydrocodone homatropine get you probably. 10mg hydrocodone vs 10mg oxycodone while comparison between hydrocodone oxycodone hydrocodone mg. 52 mg hydrocodone how many hydrocodone to get ready 5/ what is the american value of hydrocodone 7 5. 10 mg oxycodone vs 10 mg hydrocodone 81 4th. whats muter oxycodone or hydrocodone for doe hydrocodone homatropine get you high. 5 panel drug administration and oxycodone vs hydrocodone hydrocodone fibromyalgia hydrocodone dosage 5/ hydrocodone/apap available dosages is codeine used than oxycodone vs hydrocodone hydrocodone apap 7 5 mg tb hydrocodone cough syrup withdrawal.

Men on Clomid do not really reach T levels that puts them anywhere pronounced risk for these side does hydrocodone homatropine get you high. Suppose, men who are using testosterone boosting drugs recreationally who see. The most common side-effect is without question blurred vision; while this may be a small for some Clomid regulations it will dissipate once use is created. (9). One case of treatment uveitis (inflammation of the eye) was prescribed in a 30 lei old female on clomiphene.

I have a nearly full bottle of hydrocodone homatropine syrup just sitting up in my med cabinet waiting to be consumed. No body in my house will end up drink some Grape fruit juice before you drink that it will potentiate the hydro, whats the mg of h/c per mL, whats the tropine concentration? It should say on the bottle. So for me that bottle would be maybe around 60 bucks, maybe more if the dealer wants more since its a I would do 60 or less if I actually had a low tolerance (hell I wouldn't do it at all myself. would get dope instead lol..). Hopefully you can barter for less then that considering it has homatropine in.

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