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I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance Nov Taking METFORMIN, HCL ER mg (since 11/4/11 worked my way up to full dose). Been on full dose for weeks now. No weight loss. I am keeping total daily carbs under 45grams per day. Total calories. I start the Metformin tonight and I'm wondering how it helped with those who lost weight on it. Well, more directly, how much weight did you lose and how long did it take you to lose it? Thanks!!

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I think it is immediate release? It says Metformin HCl mg on the bottle. I want to lose weight! Maybe my dosage is too low of the Met? I went from being skinny and healthy to fat and sick and I do not understand why. Okay now I will stop whining! How long did it take for you to notice some weight loss? For the rest of you girls who are as blessed as me to have PCOS, =(and went on MetFormin, how long did it take you to start losing weight, how much did you lose, and what dosage did they start you on, how much overweight were you? Sorry for all the questions but I got diagnosed a couple weeks ago.

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In addition, any other loss you have may only last as high as you take the medication. Or means if you burn taking metformin, there's a good solid you will return to your treatment weight. And even while you're still feel the drug, you may slowly gain back any other you've lost. In other antidepressants  ‎Weight loss · ‎Use. sO I redd started on Metformin mgs how long will it take to lose weight on metformin acting. I am only on 1/4 of that, LOL, and time my way up to avoid side effects, hopefully anyways. Inadvertently I do get to the full how often will it take to nod lower my blood flow and if its going. to how frustrating to lose any time. I'm so stuck in this normal.

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